Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Watch out for criminal activities: Azizah


The community and individuals have been urged be on alert for criminal activities that could threaten the safety of their families and neighbourhoods. Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun said everyone is responsible for the safety of their areas and the awareness of their neighbourhood towards criminal activities and the threats. Speaking at the closing of a family safety seminar organized by the Sabah Women Affairs Council Department yesterday, Azizah urged those with information pertaining to criminal activities in their areas to report them to the relevant authorities. “Any amount of information that can be used to weed out criminals in an area can reduce the crime rate and safeguard the people as well as save lives,” she said. Azizah in her speech which was delivered by Assistant Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Herbert Timbun Lagadan, said ensuring a safe environment today will benefit the future generation therefore the need to strive for cooperation to tackle criminal activities. “The community need to cooperate now even to the extent where people say we are busybodies because knowing what is happening around us is more important that what people think of us,” she said. According to her, curiosity is the best tool to find out what is happening around and also to keep tab on new developments in their area. She added the increase in the crime rate has made it necessary for everyone to be more alert to what is happening around them. “Prevention is better than cure which is why we must be on our toes and play a significant role in ensuring safety such as creating awareness among our family and community, supervising the activities of relatives as well as advising them on the need to be concerned about safety,” she said. According to Azizah, the seminar may help participants gain better information and guidelines on how to meet the social challenges today, as well as being an avenue for them to share their knowledge, ideas and commitment.