Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Check heavy vehicles travelling at night: CASH


Relevant enforcement authorities such as the Road Transport Department (RTD) and police have been urged to conduct spot checks on heavy vehicles travelling through the City, especially at night. CASH Deputy President Nordin Thani, in making the call, said spot checks were necessary to ensure that these vehicles adhere to the maximum limit and weight restrictions on the roads as well as bridges. “Enforcement must be done as most of these heavy vehicles which are overloaded, travel during the night and this is dangerous for the public,” he said. According to Nordin, he believes these vehicles travel under the cover of night because they want to avoid detection by the authorities as most of them are overloaded. “Their action not only endangers pedestrians and other road users, it also causes damage to the roads and bridges within the City areas. In fact, they have damaged certain areas and nothing has been done to repair them. “if we look around the City areas, road repairs are being done almost everyday resulting in traffic congestion and pollution and causing inconvenience to the public,” he said, adding that he noticed that some of the repaired roads were damaged again within a short period of time. Weight restrictions, he said, should be imposed efficiently because of the danger it poses to the public and the structural damage to roads, property as well as for environmental reasons. “The culprits must be punished in accordance with the law and pay for the damaged roads and pavements that they have caused,” he said.