Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Traditional houses to hold mini festivals
Cultural diversity rendezvous at Kadazandusun Cultural Association


An elaborate Kaamatan Cultural Diversity Rendezvous showcasing the various sub-ethnic tribes of Sabah through food, song, dance and music, will be held at the Kadazandusun Cultural Association cultural village on Thursday. It is an opportunity for visitors to witness and enjoy the Kadazandusun cultural diversity with each of the houses holding a mini festival of its own. The rendezvous- which will begin at the Rungus longhouse, will be officiated by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan who is the Huguan Siou, paramount leader of the Kadazandusun. The Rungus longhouse will hold a coconut festival featuring coconut products while the Tobilung house will feature the maize festival, where visitors can sample various dishes made using maize as well as traditional fire-making. The Papar Tongunggak festival will feature cultural artifacts while the Tambunan will feature a layoh (ginger) and poring (bamboo) festival. Other places of interest include the Lotud Monginomulok (rice leavening) ceremony, the guol (yam) and koningau (cinnamon) festival at the Lobu house, and the rumbio (sago palm) festival at the Dusun Tatana house. Visitors can go to the Tindal house where there will be a punti or banana festival, showcasing the various preparations for banana dishes and a Mononglumaag or life renewal anti prosperity blessing ceremony. The Bisaya house will feature a kulintangan (traditional gongs) festival while the Penampang Kadazan house will showcase the Momohobok ceremony and pineapple festival. The Liwan house will have a cabbage festival while the Murut house will feature the ever- popular Lansaran or local trampoline. The Murut mangunatip dance and blowpipe will also be the highlight of the Murut house. The Kuijau Keningau house will feature the best of local Kadazan food such as hinava, bambangan, sambal mangga and tuhau, pakis, tivak, as well as aromatic gourd soup, sada pinarasakan or steamed fish. Local brews such as Lihing, talak and bahar will also be available. The event promises to be a truly eye-opening insight into the Sabah ethnic culture, all in one place. Visitors will be able to feast on the best of the various cultures, which are not often available to the public. The cultural diversity rendezvous is one of many activities held in conjunction with the Harvest Festival or Pesta Kaamatan, which will culminate during the grand finale on May 30 and 31.