Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Petrol station operators caught by surprise


Petrol kiosk operators in the City were caught by surprise when motorists started queuing up at the stations yesterday afternoon following rumours that the operators were planning a three- day strike. The Borneo Post conducted a survey among petrol kiosks in the city area and found that there was no truth to the rumours. The Shell petrol kiosk operator in Jalan Tugu, Juliana Mable Sidin said she was also shocked with the news. - “I was shocked, especially when the rumour spread so fast among the motorists,” Juliana said and added that it is against the law for a petrol kiosk not to sell fuel to the public. “We were instructed by the Ministry concerned not to stop selling fuel and as long as we have supply, we will do as instructed,” she said. A motorist from Inanam, told The Borneo Post that the panic buying also affected petrol stations outside the State Capital as the rumours spread like wild fire. “I was heading for the Yick Nam school but was caught in a traffic jam there and the congestion was all along the road from Kionsom to Inanam,” he said. The situation was also the same areas such as Penampang, Tamparuli and Tuaran where some motorists reported that there were stations which had run out of petrol and diesel because of the panic buying.