Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Petrol kiosk operators not going on strike
Ministry Director says rumours not true


State Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry Director Jaafar Walad has warned the public against spreading rumours that could create panic among the public. Commenting on the panic buying of fuel by motorists yesterday, Jaafar said the rumours that petrol kiosks operators would be going on strike were not true. “Don’t be easily taken in by the rumours and I assure all that there will be no strike by petrol kiosk operators,” he said after witnessing the destruction of fake goods confiscated by the Ministry’s office here yesterday. He added that those who spread the rumours were not doing any good but instead burdening the public w rushed to fill up their vehicles. Jaafar together with the Ministry enforcement officer here, Abdu Runji Abdul Hamid, visited two petrol stations in the town area as the motorists queued up to buy fuel which caused a major traffic jam. Since 3pm yesterday, the traffic on all roads heading to Tenom, Sook, Kimanis, Tambunan were jammed because of the long queues. In another development, Jaafar urged public transport operators in Sabah to apply for a Fleet Card from the Ministry’s enforcement branch offices throughout the State. He said with the card, they only need to pay RM1.43 per liter of diesel purchased from the petrol station instead of RM2.58.“The application and approval process take only one week,” he said and hope that public transport operators would apply for the card so as to enjoy the subsidy provided by the Government.