Monday, June 23, 2008


Tenom thalassaemia sufferers visit KK


Seventeen thalassaemia sufferers from the Tenom Thalassaemia Association (TTA) capped their two-day visit to the State Capital with a dinner hosted by the Chernicky Welfare Organisation Kota Kinabalu Sabah (CeWOS) recently. CeWOS President Johnny Mositun said the dinner was like a reunion for them because the children were among CeWOS’ first beneficiaries when it donated RM20,000 to the TTA for the improvement of facilities at its premises. There are 36 patients in the Association but only 17 could make it for the trip as some of them were taken ill. “Sadly, since our last meeting in 2006. three of them are no longer with us. So, for CeWOS, we are doing whatever we can to make them feel comfortable. “Hopefully, more people will come forward to provide assistance in whatever form so as to lessen their burden and forget a little bit about their sufferings,” said Mositun who is also a Deputy Speaker. He also presented “angpow’ to the children during the dinner also attended by CeWOS Treasurer-General Theresa Chong who is the benefactor, David Chernicky’s foster sister and co-organiser Dr Alex Leong at one of the leading restaurants in Penampang. The children had visited places like the Lok Kawi Wildlife Zoo and Crocodile Farm in Tuaran.