Monday, June 23, 2008


Students of SM Teknik Keningau train at Nexus Resort


For the first time in Malaysia, a vocational school has introduced an attachment programme for its students to gain first-hand experience in an actual work environment. Since 2006, SM Teknik Keningau has included a one-week practical attachment as part of the Bakery Course for students taking their MPAV and SPM examinations. The two modules involved are the Bread and Yeast and Patisserie. The objective of this exercise is to give students the opportunity to gain as much practical knowledge as possible directly from the related industry before they graduate. In turn, they will be able to apply their academic knowledge and expertise in an actual work situation. This will help the students develop a higher level of confidence in their ability and capability in this field before venturing into the work force. Nexus Resort Karambunai is the first resort chosen by SM Teknik Keningau to place its students. Two groups totalling 18 students underwent their one-week training between May 25 and June 7 this year. They were accompanied by two chaperones from the school and stayed at the resort staff campus. The students were supervised by Chef Marcel Riemer, Executive Sous Chef at Nexus Resort, and were given the opportunity to learn not only about pastry and baking but also how the other kitchens operate as well. Currently, the industrial training offered at SM Teknik Keningau is for the Form 5 students 2007/08 session. This is the first time such a programme is carried out by a vocational school in Malaysia. This type of training is usually organized by institutes of higher learning such as polytechnics and other industrial training institutes. However this type of programme is actually very useful to ensure SPM graduates from technical and vocational schools have the right foundation to get involved in the food service industry.