Monday, June 16, 2008


Pairin: Communicate with Tambunan District Office


Community leaders, especially the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) in the district, must take the initiative to frequently communicate with the District Office here n matters arising in the respective areas. Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan in giving the reminder, said by being in constant communication with the District Office, the JKKKs can find out about the latest development on their applications for development in their villages. The Rural Development Minister also reminded the JKKKs not to lose hope and give up if their applications are not approved fast. Pairin who is also the Tambunan Assemblyman, added the District Office received applications for projects from 88 JKKKs in the district and would have to look through all of them to determine those which should be given priority. “Approvals are made based on importance and allocation available, so I urge the JKKKs to be patient as the Government wants to assist the people but has to do so with limited funding,” he said when met after presenting water tanks to villagers in the remote villages of Kampung Kuala Monsok and Kampung Tondulu here. Earlier, District Officer Thomas Angor expressed disappointment over the action of some quarters who aired their grouses through the print media. These quarters have a hidden agenda behind their action, he said, adding that the District Office is always doing its best to assist the local community. “By right the problems faced by the villagers must be referred to the District Office first so that they can be recorded down before action is taken,” he said, adding that it is disheartening for them to find out about the villagers’ problems through the media and not via the proper channels. Pairin later handed over 900-litre plastic water tanks to the heads of 115 families from the two villages which have been fully dependent on rain and gravity water because the supply to the villages was disrupted by landslides and flooding. According to Pairin, the water tanks are part of the Government’s efforts to address the problems of the people, especially those in the rural areas.