Monday, June 16, 2008


Let Anwar decide when to form Pakatan Rakyat Government, says Ansari


Sabah Keadilan Liaison Chief Hj Ansari Abdullah has urged Keadilan members to be patient and allow de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to decide when to pull the rug off the feet of the Barisan Nasional. “Anwar has the number to form the Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government,” Ansari said when he officiated the Penampang Keadilan Division Kaamatan at Dowish Restaurant here last week. The Sabah Keadilan Chief criticised the recent oil price hike which is affecting the poor. He said the official poverty rate of 24 percent in Sabah would soon increase. Ansari reminded the gathering that Anwar had already warned of the price hike if BN was returned to power. Nevertheless, he informed the members that more than 150,000 Sabahan voters had ‘heard’ the message. Penampang Keadilan Division Chief Dr Edwin Bosi said the frequent electric failures and flooding after an intermittent rain in the City and Penampang area indicated the poor management of the Government. He said if only the Government was concerned about the problems affecting the rakyat then the problems could be easily resolved. Bosi who is also Sabah Keadilan Information Chief, said the Government’s priority is wrong. “They are spending too much on mega projects and space adventure. A Government is like a mega corporation. The managers must ensure profitability. The people decide on the Government and the Government in turn ensure that the management is efficient to deliver the tasks,” he said. Both Ansari and Bosi reminded the gathering that Kaamatan is the time to look back at our achievement in agriculture production. With the rice shortage and price hike, both leaders also urged the members to promote or involve in food production. After all, Sabah is blessed with huge tract of fertile land. Among the 300 present at the celebration were DAP Kapayan leader Steven Jimbangan, Sabah Keadilan Treasurer Datuk Kong Hong Min Kalabakan Division Chief Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Hasbullah Hj Taha, Sabah Keadilan Liaison Assistant Secretary Hj Mohd Shukur Abdul Mumin and Sabah Keadilan Youth Chief Mr Razak Jamil.