Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Pensioners happy with pension calculation


Pensioners in the State are happy with the pension calculation announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Sabah Government Pensioners Association President Dr Florentius Epin said they were happy Abdullah approved among others, the calculation of pension to be based on the maximum of 30 years instead of the current 25 years and the derivative pension be maintained at 100 percent instead of the current 70 percent effective from January 1, 2009. “At last we got what we had continuously negotiated since 2002. In fact we asked for the actual number of years an officer served in the calculation of pension, as many served more that 30 years. “But the Government has approved the maximum of 30 years, that is an addition of five years, so it is not a bad bargain,” he said in a statement yesterday. The recipient of derivative pension is currently receiving 70 percent of the individual’s total pension when the pensioner dies 12 1/2 years from the date of retirement from service. This has caused hardship to the widow or widower, especially those with low pay. On another issue, the President said that he would like to bring to the attention of the authority of a group of ex-civil servants who had served for over 30 years, and were not paid pension or retiring benefits when they retired. “They had in a way been exploited by the British during colonial days by placing them under the temporary scheme of service. Their services were very much needed at that time, as they could not employ sufficient qualified staff. “They served as electricians, mechanics, etc. They were so expert in their fields and better than the technicians or engineers who just graduated, and yet the Government did not consider their invaluable contributions to the Department in particular and the Nation as a whole. “Many of those affected came to our Association for help. But so far there was no favorable response and development to our queries on the matter from the authority concerned,” he said.