Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Abdullah, Najib due for CEOs Conference


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak are due in Kota Kinabalu to officiate the Second International CEOs Conference 2008 (ICC2008) next month. The Prime Minister is due to officiate the closing ceremony of the Conference on June 17 while the Deputy Prime Minister will officiate the opening ceremony on June 16 with a keynote address ‘Leading The Boundaries-Renaissances In the Midst of Revolution’. According to the Director of Yayasan Sabah, Tan Sri Datu Khalil Bin Datu Haji Jamalul, the Conference will kick off with a welcome dinner to be hosted by Chief Minister Datuk Sen Panglima Musa Haji Aman on June 15. The Chief Minister is also the Chairman of the Main Organising Committee of ICC2008. “The Conference to be held at Sutera Harbour Resort will bring together experts and leading players to share the latest key and innovative trends, unique value-creating strategies, unlimited opportunities as well as current global issues such as the topic of climatology changes and serious discussion on how to make human economic systems last longer while having less impact on ecological systems, and particularly relates to concern over major global problems relating to climate change and the recent food production problem,” said Khalil, who is also the Deputy Chairman of the Main Organising Committee of 1CC2008. “Indeed this Conference will be the most idealistic and pragmatic venue for such discussions. “It is our fervent hope that the Conference will open up a chance for us to analyse and understand the key issues and propose initiatives and efforts with enduring positive results and tangible outcomes,” added Khalil. It also aims to bring the experts to unlock secrets to developing unique capabilities that help them to seize market opportunities and transform their businesses into successful trailblazers. “Hence, we hope this Conference will create a plethora of networking opportunities, sharing views, thoughts and ideas on numerous topics for participants and role players to capitalize on taking a risk and reaping the reward, he said. In view of the importance and the relevance of sustainable ability to change, especially in today’s world characterised by rapid unpredictable change and volatility, we have chosen ‘Managing Sustainable Growth anti Competitiveness In The Globalised Era’ as the theme of the Conference,” said Kbalil. Five sessions of most engaging topics have been arranged for this Conference. They are ‘Globalisation and New Realities : How Asian Companies are Responding to Them’; ‘Asian Giants Awakened: China and India In The Making of The New Economic Superpowers’; ‘Globalisation Revisited - Its Impact on Mankind’; ‘Climate Change and Ecological Sustainability . Honouring Mother Nature’; and ‘Talent Management and High Performing Organisations: Driving Talent Mindset for Excellence’. There will also be two Special Sessions and a Parallel Session. The Special Sessions are ‘Is Globalisation The Panacea To The Problem of The World Peace and Harmony?’; and ‘Facility and Asset Management-Minimise and Control Costs, Increase Capacity and Sustainability’. The Parallel Session, an Economic Roundtable with the title ‘Regional Economic and Strategic Outlook’, is divided into three concurrent sessions i.e. ‘Brand and Corporate Innovation & Competitiveness’; ‘Meeting Worldwide Demand for Bio-diesel’; and ‘The Entrepreneurial Promise of Renewable Energy.’ Among the speakers that will be giving their talk at the Conference are Prof Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar, Deputy Chairman of Social Science & Humanities, Theindonesia Institute of Sciences/The Habibie Centre, Indonesia; Mr Russell Teall, JD who is the President and Founder, Bio-diesel Industries, Inc., USA; Dr John Hewson, Chairman of Natural Fuel Ltd., Australia; Mr Andrew McEwan, Chairman of Facility Management Association (FMA) Australia; Mr Ian C. Buchanan who is the Senior Executive Advisor and former Asia- Pacific Chairman, Booz Allen Hamilton - Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, Australia, Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, former Minister of International Trade & Industry, Malaysia; Others include Mr Hermawan Kartajaya, Founding Chairman and President, MarkPlus Inc, Indonesia/President, World Marketing Association; Dr Paul Temporal, Group Managing Director, Temporal Brand Consulting, USA; Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, CEO, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO)/Former Minister of Communications, Minister of Education and Former Ambassador of Ghana to the United States; Ms Parvin Ali, CEO and Co-Founder of Fatima Women’s Network, UK; Ms Veronica Pedrosa, News Anchor, Al Jazeera International; and Mr Robert G. Lees, Director, Global Sources Ltd., Hong Kong and Senior Advisor, ABeam Consulting who is also the former President & CEO, Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC). The panellists include Senator Penny Wong, Australian Minister for Climate Change and Water; Lord Patten of Barnes, CH, who is the former EU Commissioner and Governor of Hong Kong/Chancellor of the University of Oxford and University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; Mr Ronnie C. Chan, Chairman, Hang Lung Group, Hong Kong SAR, People’s Republic of China; and Prof Yu Yongding, Director, Institute of World Economics & Politics, PeopleIs Republic of China. In conjunction with the Conference, an. exhibition will also be held where exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the delegates. The Conference, the second i the series, is organised by Yayasan Sabah Group and managed by Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI). The first ICC was held in 2005 and attended by more than 600 delegates from 32 countries.