Monday, May 26, 2008


Tadau Kaamatan UPKO celebration in Tamparuli


Tamparuli has been chosen as the host for this year’s Tadau Kaamatan UPKO celebration which will also be jointly hosted by Sulaman, Tamparuli and Kiulu UPKO Divisions. It will be held on May 30 at the Tamparuli town field, the organising chairman of the celebration, Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing, said in a statement yesterday. He said a huge stage would be constructed to stage the Sugandoi and Unduk Ngadau contest. “The UPKO Divisions from Sulaman, Tamparuli and Kiulu will be putting up three tents where traditional food will be placed for the public to satisfy their appetite for traditional food,” he added. Aside from that, 13 booths will be placed all over the town field where traditional food brought in from some 40 UPKO divisions throughout the State will be made available to the public. This will be a real ‘moginakan’ festival where each division will be bringing their own food to be shared together with the other participants from other parts of Sabah. Ample food will be made available to guests, tourists and the public, he added. Sugandoi Kaamatan will be held from 9am while the final of the Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan UPKO 2008 will start at 1pm and is expected to end around 6pm. Forty Unduk Ngadau participants from the various UPKO divisions, including one from Labuan and one from Johore Baru representing the Momogun Society of Malaysia which held their Tadau Kaamatan early this month. Meanwhile, the Unduk Ngadau participants will start their program from May 28 which will include a seminar on self motivation, and on May 9 they will visit the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park where they will be given a talk on environment and the protection of wildlife. The public is invited to witness and join the program that will carried out on that day. Additional information on the Tadau Kaamatan UPKO 2008 can be obtained from Publicity Officer Mr Lesaya Lopog Sorudim at 019-8815261.