Monday, May 26, 2008


Don’t take jaundice lightly: Yahya


Parents should not take jaundice lightly as it can result in their babies becoming deaf, handicapped or worse, succumb to the disease, said Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yahya Hussin. “It is therefore very important for parents whose babies are diagnosed with jaundice to seek medical treatment at clinics or hospitals,” Yahya said. Speaking at the launching of a health education project in Kampung Sailian here yesterday, Yahya who is also the Agriculture and Food Industry Minister, said jaundice, if untreated, could result in fatality or the baby becoming handicapped. Jaundice usually occurs two or three days after birth and with treatment, it will disappear within 10 days. ‘Many parents, especially those in the rural areas, do not take their babies for treatment of the disease because they think that it is not serious. “Some also use traditional medicine such as herbs and roots or may even seek traditional Chinese treatment as well as medication,” he said, adding that jaundice has to be treated at hospital or clinic so the babies will not suffer brain damage. Yahya also pointed out that Malaysians are lucky because the Government provides good medical facilities for them, thus, they should be more appreciative of the importance of good health.