Friday, May 16, 2008


SMK Keningau II, SIC Pasir Putih still champions


SMK Keningau II and SK Pasir Putih repeated their success last year when they emerged as the champions of the Upper Interior Shell Traffic Education Program for secondary and primary school categories held at the community hall compound here yesterday. SMK Gunsanad also defended it position in second place while SMK Nabawan, which took part for the first time, was third in the secondary school category. SK Luagan and SK Pekan Keningau were second and third respectively in the primary school category. Eleven secondary schools namely SMK Bingkor, SMKTenom, SMKNabawan, SMK Keningau, SMK Apin-Apin, SMK Keningau II, SMK Gunsanad, SMK Gunsanad II, SM St Francis Xavier, SMJK Ken Hwa and SMJK Chung Hwa Tenom took part in the program. The 16 primary schools were SK Banjar, SK Merampong, SKKepayan Baru, SKPekan Keningau, SJK Yuk Yin, SJK St Francis Xavier’s, SK Luagan, SK Tuarid Taud, SK Pasir Putih, SK Binaong, SK Bulu Silou, SK Sook, SK Liau, SK Magatang and SK Pekan Tambunan. In his officiating speech, Bingkor Assemblyman Justin Guka said the program could educate secondary and primary school students on traffic laws and regulations. Present at the function were District Officer Haji Zulkifli Nasir, Sabah Shell representative Eddie Abdullah, Road Safety Department Sabah Branch Director Irdrinshah Abdul Karim, Assistant District Officer George Kandavu and Liawan People Development Leader Rosdi Padiman.