Friday, May 16, 2008


Free installation of prosthesis


All the Moral Uplifting Societies in Sabah and the Thailand Queen Mother Prosthesis Installing Foundation are jointly Organising a campaign to provide free installation of artificial legs at Che Sui Khor Pavilion in Kota Kinabalu from August 3-8. The campaign is sponsored by benevolent people from Thailand and Malaysia to help the disabled, said Mr Shim Bui Sia, the Chairman of Che Yee Khor Moral Uplifting -Society of Lahad Datu. In Malaysia, there are more than a thousand amputees but there is no available figure of such handicapped people in Sabah. The Foundation will be sending specialists and volunteers from Thailand to assist in the voluntary tasks. All the disabled from Sabah, regardless of race and religion, are welcome to come for the free beneficial treatment as several types of artificial legs are available for all levels of amputation. Shim urged the public to call the Society in their area if they have any disabled friends or family members who need the free installation of prosthesis. His hand phone number is 013-8868099.