Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sidin, third Sabahan to be made Police Commissioner - this time in T’ganu


SAC I Sidin Abdul Karim was all positive when he received a call in May to inform him of his promotion and transfer to oil- producing State Terengganu this month. “I felt honoured, especially as the call came during my ‘crucial time’. I am turning 55 next month and the promotion as the Terengganu Commissioner of Police is just timely, it is one of the desired posts and I am proud to be given the opportunity to carry such an important responsibility,” he said. Sidin handed over the Police Management Department Chief post to his successor, ACP Izhar Ibrahim, during a simple ceremony at the Kepayan Police Headquarters here, yesterday. He is the third Sabahan to be appointed as Police Commissioner after Datuk Henry Chin, who served in Kuala Lumpur in the 1990s, and Mayor Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim, who was the State Police Commissioner in 2005. Sidin, who was born and raised in Semporna, joined the Force on July 19, 1973. He had served all over the State and held important posts such as Melaka Tengah District Police Chief, D7 Assistant Director General for two years, and Forensic Assistant Director General before he was posted back to Sabah and held the Police Management Chief post for 17 months, prior to his current promotion. He admitted that being the person overseeing crime-related activities in a different state is a challenge to him. “When I reported for duty on June 12, I had to adapt myself to the new surroundings. First there was the language barrier but I had to blend in. After some time, I find Terengganu as a nice place. I hope Twill be able to perform well, thanks to the guidance from Datuk Noor Rashid (Sabah Police Commissioner) and my senior colleagues... I will work hard, not for my own satisfaction, but for the people,” said Sidin, advising young officers to work hard. “It is important for the young officers to work hard, forget the promotions as it will come to you later. We must perform well so that when we think back, we will have no regrets,” Sidin said. Noor Rashid who witnessed the handing over of duties described Sidin as a hardworking and committed officer. “It was with his tireless contributions and friendliness that helped me and the Force to tackle the challenges in Sabah. He has vast knowledge on Preventive Laws and I hope he will be able to share it with his men in Terengganu,” said Noor Rashid. According to Noor Rashid, being the Head of the Police Force is like a being ‘father’ to his personnel. “We want to lead our ‘children’ to doing the right things. We want to be part of their success. It is always a proud moment for me when I see my men get promoted as those who performed well deserve promotions at least someday, somehow, you can tell your friends that he or she had served under your leadership. “To be a good officer, one has to be knowledgeable and possess the spirit to perform the best. If you have the knowledge but you do not use it well, it would such a waste. “So when you get a promotion, take the challenge and do your best, as in the end, you will get the best job satisfaction,” he said.