Monday, June 9, 2008


Grab opportunities provided at 1 Borneo, says Jainab


Locals, especially the younger generation, have been urged to grab employment and business opportunities provided to them with the opening of 1Borneo, the largest hypermall in East Malaysia. “Of course we are proud with the opening of a hypermall in the Karambunai State constituency but we cannot just stand and watch the success of others,” Assistant Industrial Development Minister Jainab Datuk Ahmad said. The Karambunai Assemblywoman said that about 3,000 job opportunities of all levels are offered by l Borneo and urged locals, especially the unemployed graduates, to apply and fill in the vacancies. Local entrepreneurs should also jump on the bandwagon and take up the business opportunities offered by the hypermall so that they do not lose out to others. “1Borneo has many products and services such as hotels, entertainment, food and beverage and handicrafts to offer and all these need down streaming services,” she said, adding that she is ready to assist those who are interested. Jainab suggested that those involved in the cottage industry take up 1Borneo’s offer to set up stalls there to sell their products. “I know that these entrepreneurs are not ready to take up the offer because they are worried about the high rental and they would not be able to afford it. “But I will help them work something out with l Borneo so that they will not be burdened by the cost of rental,” she said, adding that she would be organising a meeting with the people who are interested to brief them about the opportunities available. The hypermall, she added, was prepared to assist these people by providing them with the necessary training so that the quality of their products is maintained and also teach them how to market the products.