Thursday, May 29, 2008


22 pirate, transport vehicles detained


Police detained 22 pirate transport vehicles operating around the town area on Tuesday. District Police Chief DSP Zahari Mohammad who disclosed this yesterday, said it is an offence operating public transportation without a valid permit. “They could face a fine of between RM1,000 and RM1O,000 or one year’s jail if convicted under Section 33 of the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) Act 1987,” he told reporters. According to him, in the operation on Tuesday, police detained eight Kancil cars, Proton Iswara (four), Proton Saga (four), Proton Wira (three) and a Kelisa, a van and a Kenari. “From police investigation, eight of the drivers were Bajau, five Dusun, three Filipinos, a Suluk and a Tator,” He said. Zahari said police also issued summons to seven vehicles without licenses, 11 for offence under Section 33 of the CVLB Act 1987, expired road tax (one), expired licenses (two) and driving without licenses (two). He said the police would also check the registration of the detained vehicles at the Road Transport Department to find out their actual owners. According to him, all the vehicles were released yesterday after investigation and the owners were given a stern warning to stop pirate taxi operation in the district. Zahari also urged the public to use licensed public transportation for their safety. “I also urge the operators of public transportation vehicles such as taxis and buses to continue their services until nighttime. This is the only way to prevent the public from using pirate transport,” he added.