Thursday, May 15, 2008


State Gov’t hopes to see minimum wage introduced: Yee


The State Government will strive ensure workers and labourers enjoy a minimum wage and other employment benefits that they should be getting, Resource Development and Information Technology Minister, Datuk Pr Yee Moh Chai said. “The State Government’s intention and policy are very clear. It has been highlighted by the fact that we have already amended the Labour Ordinance and will of course, touch on the wages of labour ... so we are working in that direction. We hope to see the day that employees will not only get the minimum wage but other benefits, such as the right to live, overtime and etc,” he said. He said in fact, two years ago, the Labour Ordinance was rectified and amended in line with what had been going on in the nation with the intention of giving the benefits to workers while taking care of the employers’ interests. “It is a very important issue. It demonstrates the desire and the intention of the State Government to ensure workers and labourers enjoy benefits,” he said. “The timing will depend on the situation and has been set by the Prime Minister recently and I am sure the time will come... there will not be a long wait. There will be a minimum wage as requested by MTUC,” he added. Yee who is also Api-Api Assemblyman said, “one has to understand the newly amended Labour Ordinance and that no law will forever be stagnant and be permanent”. “So if there is a need to change, according to the needs of the time, of circumstances ... I think we should look into the possibility of fine-tuning it to meet the needs of the people involved. So we should look into the suggestion as mentioned by MTUC,” he said when asked about the Labour Ordinance. MTUC Sabah had earlier presented a declaration calling for an immediate introduction of minimum wage of RM 900 for all workers in the State. It also called for an introduction of Regional Allowance equivalent to COLA of RM300 to be given to workers in the State in view of the high cost of living.