Sunday, May 11, 2008


Four silver haired ladies are chatting in a what look like an old folks' home. Lady One boasts of a businessman son who makes RM450,000 per annum, Lady Two has a Accountant son who bought a posh house in Damansara, Lady Three has a London based surgeon son who charges 20,000 sterling pound for an operation, and does two operations per day! Then they turn to Lady Four, "What about your son?" they ask. "My son is alright" she replies "he's coming to pick me up" and sure enough (like all movie) a Proton Iswara (there's a message here, please note, not a Merc or BMW, not even a Proton Waja) appears in the driveway. Lady Four's face lit up "That's my son! He's come to pick me now." She hoddles off as her son got out of the car to recieve her. As she is whisked off, the three ladies can only wave and look longingly at Lady Four who waves back with a benign smile on her face.
Two very important messages is carried in this story:-
1. Do not be boastful and engage in one-upmanship, for you will be rebuked in the end.
2. Do be kind and filial to your parents and be sincere in doing so. Not just take them for a spin in your car, dine in swanky hotel, then dump them back at the Old Folk Home. Old people need the care, companionship and love of their children and grandchildren, if they can have these, they are the richest people on earth.